100gr Alfalfa, Lucerne seeds (Medicago Sativa)

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Quantity 100gr, approx. 40000 seeds

Germination approx. 10-20 days at 16-18ºC


Alfalfa, lucerne seeds (Medicago Sativa)

Alfalfa is a cold-resistant family of the Fabaceae perennial plant. Alfalfa sprouts are very good for the health and contain vitamin A, group B, B12, C, D, E, G, K besides the minerals calcium, iron and potassium. As a medicinal plant it is used to treat arthritis, acne and hemorrhoids. It also it seems to be a very effective plant to kill the fungus "athlete's foot".

In the Garden, the alfalfa roots are very deep, which makes the plant very resistant to periods of drought.


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