10gr Hip Rose Seeds (Rosa Canina)

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Germination irregular Stratification in cold


Hip Rose Seeds (Rosa Canina)

The Dog Rose comes from Europe and North Africa and belongs to the group of European Rosaceae, the plant reaches a height of approx. 1.50 m. forming a bush of beautiful pink flowers. In northern and eastern Europe it bears fruit, rose hips, which are especially prized for culinary use. These fruits are considered among the most rich in vitamin C, and are used for tea, syrup, jams and even soups. Furthermore, it is also interesting for cosmetic and health because of the the antioxidant and reducing effect of the levels of blood sugar. Due to its high content of vitamin C it is a preventive efficient for colds and flus. The oil obtained from its seeds is a component used in creams to treat scars and wrinkle creams.

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