10gr Bishop's crown, Christmas bell seeds (Capsicum baccatum)

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Germination approx. 10 days at 22ºC


Bishop's crown, Christmas bell seeds (Capsicum baccatum)


Like other types of Capsicum baccatum the bell chili is originally from Peru and Bolivia. The fruit have a decorative shape and a fruity, pleasantly spicy flavor if the core and seeds are removed. Outdoors our plants reach a height of 2 metres and are extremely productive, so due to the weight of the branches with fruit, plants should be supported with canes. If grown in a pot size and productivity will be significantly lower. The cultivation in colder countries such as Germany is a bit more complex because of the long period of ripening, and plants should ideally be planted in March. In Spain there is no such problem.

Hotness (1-10): 5-6 without seeds and the core / 7 with seeds and the pulp

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