10gr Jalapeño Chili Seeds (Capsicum annuum)

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Quantity 10gr approx. 1.500  Seeds

Germination approx. 10-14 days at 24ºC


Jalapeño Chili Seeds (Capsicum annuum)


Although this type of chili is already considered by most people as very spicy (with 1 or 2 of them and gives a spicy flavor to a sauce) compared with Habaneros, jalapenos are completely "harmless". If we want to enjoy the more fruity flavor of this chili, you can remove the seeds before use and thus will be less spicy and more flavorful. Green jalapenos are mainly eaten pickled in vinegar with onions and carrots, and are a typical ingredient of the filling for "burritos" or "tacos" Mexicans.
Jalapenos are very fleshy and so drying them is complex, therefore in Mexico they are smoked and called Chipotle. Prepared in this way they give dishes a smoky, rustic flavor.

Hotness (1-10):  5


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