10gr Habanero Red seeds (Capsicum chinense)

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Germination approx. 14 -21 days at 22ºC


Habanero Red seeds (Capsicum chinense)


Habaneros, quite innocent in  appearance belong to the family of hottest peppers in the world today, in fact on a scale from 1 to 10 they are placed on the values ​​of 10.  In no case should you  collect them and then touch your face (washing your hands only once might not be enough). One might imagine from its name that this pepper comes from Cuba, but in fact the main area of ​​cultivation is the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and this is probably the origin of this type of chili.

The plants reach about 1 m. high, so the size and width of the leaves is remarkable, compared to  other types of chilies
Apart from the red habanero there are other types brownish red, orange and yellow . All types of Capsicum chinense self-pollinate but they may also be pollinated by bees and other insects.


In the kitchen: In many countries of South America chilies are an essencial ingredient in the daily cooking, recipes like "chili con carne" are well known around the world.

Medical: One habanero in warm water a good foot bath for cold feet!

Hotness (1-10): 10

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