100 Seeds Pink Banana (Musa velutina)

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Germination 1 - 6 Months, Cover the seeds in hot water and leave them submerged for 2 days

Pink Velvet Banana, Baby Pink Banana, Hairy Banana (Musa velutina)


Pink dwarf bananas reach heights of up to 2m approx. and after 1 to 3 years it produces edible fruits pink, although these bananas contain hard seeds. Musa velutina withstand low temperatures in winter but if it spends the winter outdoors it must be protected if possible, before the ground freezes by mulching or covering the soil with 4 - 20 cms with insulating material such as pine bark, straw or leaves of trees

Musa velutina produces small banana plants from the sides from the the sixth leaf and from that moment and can be separated from the mother plant.

Caution: banana plants grow very fast and need soil rich in humus and nutrients (fertilized regularly). They also need regular watering.

The velutina Musa likes sunny locations or in semishade.

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